If you're a new baker who is hoping to increase your number of customers and drive up your profits, it can be a challenge to do so. New businesses can have a difficult time starting up, and with so many requirements for health standards, insurance, and other things, it can be especially tough to make a profit as a new bakery. Luckily, you can do the following things in order to attract more people who love what you cook.

Sponsor School and Community Events

In your town or city, there are likely many schools and community organizations. These institutions all have meetings and events of some kind, and sponsoring these events with either money or free food can introduce your baked goods to a number of people at a time. Whether you sponsor a local little league team or offer free cupcakes to a church for their bible study group, expanding your audience will encourage them to try your food. If they like what they taste, then you can start to count on them to buy from you again and again.

Start a Video Blog

A great way to engage possible customers and hold the interest of current customers is to interact with them online. Starting a video blog and posting it on your website will let people see "behind the scenes" so that they can know more about how you bake the food and what goes into your process. While you don't have to give away company secrets, offering to allow customers to know more about you and your bakery can help increase business.

Join a Bakery Association

One of the best ways to get more business for yourself is to sign up with a bakery association, such as The RPIA Group. An association will provide you with a number of professional contacts that you can network with. The local supermarket may be a member of the association, for instance, and their representative might be looking for new baked goods to sell in their stores. You might be able to partner up with a number of other bakeries; for example, if another bakery in the area offers beautiful cakes but none like the gluten-free kind you prepare, they can recommend you to those who ask. Even better, they may display some of your cakes or take orders for you, for a percentage of the profit.

Not only will a bakery association provide you with possible commercial partners and new customers, but an association can also help you save costs, which can increase your bottom line. Buying supplies, insurance, and other necessities can typically be done with a discount through the association you belong to; you can use the buying power of the organization to get things more cheaply.

With these ideas, you can start to see business improve at your bakery. Talk with others in the industry for even more ideas you can use.