If you plan to open a new medical office in the near future, you may wonder how you can hire and compensate your potential staff with fair and comfortable wages, salaries and health benefits with a low financial budget. Sometimes, new businesses can't compensate their staff with the wages and salaries they deserve because of intense budget restraints. You may go beyond your budget by hiring the wrong people because you think it's the only way to obtain the staff you need. There are a number of things you might do to get and keep your new office running, including these below.

Hire People With Multiple Skillsets and Training

One of the things you might do to solve your dilemma in the beginning is to hire reliable and professional people with multiple skillsets to handle different areas of the office until your patient caseload increases. Although it doesn't happen with every company, some businesses hire people with little to no training to save money. The untrained employees may make costly mistakes that may endanger the reputation of you and your office. Combining the duties of your staff may help you stay within your current budget and obtain new patients. 

For example, if you need an office manager and an billing associate, hire a person who has a Medical Office Administration Certificate or similar degree. Another thing you might do is combine your front receptionist duties with medical records. To help the staff member complete their tasks, use a computerized system that allows them to locate and pull medical electronic records at their desk instead of having to walk to the back of the office for files.

After you obtain employees you need to succeed, considering working with a compensation consultant to help you develop employee benefit plans. 

Establish a New Employment Benefit and Payment Plan

compensation consultant is an individual or entity with experience in designing and planning employee compensation packages for businesses. A consultant can help you revamp old employee packages, or they can help you establish new packages as your medical office grows. One of the things you and a compensation consultant might do is develop a plan that pays your staff members competitive wages and salaries based on their duties and positions in your office.

It's a good idea that you use the fair market rates set by other businesses in your field to achieve the goals above. You want to offer competitive rates to obtain and keep employees without overspending your budget. As your business grows, you can re-examine your plan and make the necessary changes needed to pay your staff the benefits they earned by working for you.

For more information, contact Fox Lawson & Associates, A Division of Gallagher Benefit Services Inc. or a similar organization.