If you own a small business and you are going to be hiring one or more employees, then you want to make sure you hire the best person for the job. You want your employees to be trustworthy, responsible, and a good example of what your company stands for. It can be hard to find the right person for the job. Many people present themselves as very good employees, going as far as lying on their resume about past employment, education and more. This makes it difficult to weed out the good potential employees from the not-so-good ones. Learn how an employment screening service can help you in this article.

Criminal history

You want to make sure you don't hire someone you have to worry about stealing from your company. Hiring a person who doesn't already have a criminal past will decrease your chances of being stolen from. Also, if the job requires driving, then you want to know the new employee doesn't have recent DUIs or other serious driving infractions against them. You also want to hire someone who doesn't have a tendency toward violence. An employment screening service will look into an applicant's criminal background and alert you to any findings.


It's common for applicants to put false information regarding their education on their resume if they feel doing so will help them land a position. They may claim they have a degree they don't, or even lie about attending a school they never went to at all. Verifying their education can be time consuming and difficult, especially in cases where the school has since closed down. An employment screening service like PeopleFacts will verify this information for you.

Employment history

Just as with their education, many people also put down false claims when it comes to previous places they have worked, or the length of time they held positions. Knowing a person's employment history can really help you to decide whether or not they are a good match for your company and with a screening service, you'll know the information provided to you is real.

Credit score

Looking at an applicant's credit score can give you a better idea of how reliable they are. A person who keeps up with their bills can generally be counted on to take their responsibilities serious. A screening service can also pull their credit reports to view this information.

You will get a detailed report back on your applicants so you can narrow things down to the best ones for the job. From there, you can interview each one and go with the one that you like the best.